Reliable Gutter Installation

Gutters provide a functional way to channel water around your home, and at Summit Roofing and Restoration, we believe they can contribute to a stunning roof and overall home aesthetic.

Getting Gutters Right


Your home’s gutters work tirelessly to move water away from your shingles and off of your roof and siding, prevent damage, mold and mildew. By placing them in the right locations with properly installed downspouts and other components, a proper gutter will help extend the life of your roof.

Free-flowing gutters are part of an overall roof protection system and they should be consistently maintained throughout the year. Simple cleanings can help you avoid blockages and water overflows. Proper installation is crucial because gutters set too far out or improperly placed can send water in wrong directions or into the surrounding materials, such as fascia boards, and cause them to rot.

Do You Need a Replacement?

Over time your gutters may become damaged by storms, winds and weather. Blockages and dents on warping can turn your functional gutter into a funnel for water to find its way in your walls. Summit Roofing and Restoration offers an inspection service to keep your home structurally sound.

Precaution is our main focus. Some of the things we’ll look for include:

  • Areas where water may be collecting on the ground near your foundation

  • Broken piping, connections and fasteners

  • Clogs, breaks, holes and cracks

  • Disconnected downspouts

  • Gaps in any part of the system

  • Loose sections

  • The presence of mold or water stains

Many homeowners can perform basic gutter inspections themselves, but we recommend you always do this from a safe location.

Gutter Installation in West Tennessee

If we’ve identified any problem areas with your gutters, our team of experts will point them out and provide you with a variety of replacement and installation options.

Gone are the days of white plastic gutters for every home. Today, you can have access to a wide variety of systems, including the most popular seamless aluminum option. We stock only the finest materials that give your home the look you want and can provide long-lasting protection for the benefit of you and your roof.

When you’re ready for a free inspection and quote on a gutter installation in West Tennessee, contact Summit Roofing and Restoration online or call us at (901) 430-1974.